Whether you are working in a professional office, construction site, manufacturing facility, retail store or driving your employees, unforeseen accidents can occur to your employees.

As such, it is imperative to think about a Workers Compensation insurance plan in order to avoid financial liability for medical care and the costs associated with a potentially hefty lawsuit against your business. Worker’s compensation covers medical expenses for injuries suffered by your workers while performing their job on or off your premises.

What is Worker's Compensation Insurance?

Texas worker’s compensation programs are in place to protect your employees should they suffer injuries while on the job. This includes coverage of necessary medical treatment and time away from work. Offering worker’s compensation insurance as an employee benefit will help in attracting talented people to your business as well as retaining them long-term.

Worker's comp insurance covers:

  • Medical care and rehabilitation related to on-the-job injuries
  • Medical care related to diseases picked up on the job
  • Lost wages for employees who are unable to work while recovering
  • Compensation for economic losses
  • Legal costs should the employee file a lawsuit against your business
  • Benefits to the dependents of employees killed because of an on-the-job accident

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