Protect your restaurant from going up in flames by planning for such disasters. A number of businesses affected by catastrophes such as fire, flood, civil disturbance -- or even something seemingly less significant, like a patron’s accident on the premises, or even loss of a key supplier -- never survive to reopen. Prior planning can prevent this, and Soules Insurance can help. We will assist you in identifying the best insurance to help you get the doors to your restaurant back open should disaster strike. We understand the need for this to be done as soon as possible to avoid losing your clientele.

Our restaurant insurance policies may include:

Multiple Peril Policy

Building Property Damage

  • Fire Insurance
  • Flood Insurance

Content & Personal Property Damage

Boiler & Machinery Insurance

  • Business Interruption
  • Direct Damage

Business Operations

  • Credit Card Theft (Customer)

Marine Insurance

  • Valuable papers
  • Electrical Signs 
  • Transportation Policy 
  • Motor Truck Cargo 
  • Owners Policy 

Time Element Insurance

  • Business Interruption
  • Earnings Insurance 

Workers Compensation and Employers Liability

Motor Vehicle Insurance (For Catering to offsite locations)

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Crime Insurance License


Liquor Liability Policy

Life Insurance (Benefit for Key Employees)

  • Sole Proprietorship 
  • Partnership 
  • Key Man Insurance 
  • Group Life Insurance 

Health Insurance

  • Hospitalization
  • Major Medical Expense Insurance 
  • Travel Accident Insurance

Please call (936) 756-0671 to learn more about our Special Commercial Insurance Programs for your Restaurant.