No one ever thinks they will be served with a lawsuit; unfortunately, it happens.  Oftentimes the associated costs with a court battle are so high that the defendant may have to sell their assets and personal belongings to cover.  It’s all that more difficult when you have a family to care for, as a lawsuit is an embarrassment that can prevent you from providing for your spouse and children.  You should know that a typical Texas auto, homeowner’s or watercraft insurance policy covers a limited amount of liability, which means you and your family are left with additional costs beyond that policy’s coverage.  This is why Texas personal umbrella insurance has been created for exactly this problem.

What is a Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy?

Personal umbrella insurance coverage in Texas protects you from costs above what your existing insurance policies provide. For example, you cause a major car accident that costs more than your insurance covers. As your auto insurance reaches its limit, your umbrella policy kicks in to take care of the remaining expenses. Soules Insurance recommends that Texans seriously consider adding personal umbrella insurance to their existing personal insurance policies in order to avoid incurring costs like medical bills, lost income, and even attorney fees above the underlying policies stemming from an accident or other negligent act.

Request a Quote on a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy

Personal umbrella liability insurance is affordable, and when you consider how many thousands or even millions of dollars a lawsuit can cost, purchasing extra protection with a Texas personal umbrella insurance policy is a small price to pay. Don’t let yourself be held liable for someone else’s medical care, lost wages, or other expenses related to an accident. Let Soules Insurance help you determine the best umbrella insurance policy that will protect you in such cases.

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