Errors and Omissions Insurance ( E & O) can be an essential form of coverage for many types of Texas businesses, no matter what the size. This is especially true if your company offers services to regular customers or if you provide unique products and services that forms the basis of your business. The possibilities of accidents or mistakes are always there. What you don’t want is to be held liable for damaging legal fees should a customer or client show discontent with your company’s core offerings. A E & O insurance policy from Soules Insurance will protect you financially in times when these unavoidable situations occur. Furthermore, we will also help to avoid the embarrassment and loss of business due to a claim levied at your company.

What is E & O Insurance?

Texas Errors and Omissions Insurance or Professional Liability, protects companies and individuals against the damages and defense costs associated with claims of errors or omissions in the performance of work-related duties. It does not matter if you are found innocent, or liable, or even if the claim is dismissed, E & O insurance provides the coverage for your legal fees in their entirety. E & O coverage is not included in a Commercial General Liability policy or any other commercial package but is, instead, an affordable addition to your commercial policies.

In addition to the above, Soules Insurance also offers Appraisers Errors and Omissions Insurance policies intended for realtors, home inspectors, mortgage brokers and other real estate professionals. An Appraisers E & O policy covers a number of real estate related claims including those waged by lenders.

An additional policy Soules agents can provide is Notary E & O insurance which covers you in the event of common everyday mistakes, thus saving your company excessive damage costs that may arise from an associated business deal.

Get started on an Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance Policy

At Soules Insurance, our commercial insurance experts will work with you and your Texas-based business to determine the Errors & Omissions insurance policy that best suits your needs. Soules Insurance Agency LP is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Conroe, The Woodlands, Willis, Cleveland, Huntsville and North Houston area as well as the Interstate 45 corridor to Dallas.

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