Most likely, your company has an employee, shareholder or executive who is vital to your business. Should the company lose this person, it may mean the loss of a key investor or person responsible for that valued product your company is known for.

If that key person dies, the last thing you need is for uncertainty to cloud the company’s future. A key employee life insurance policy (also known as Key Man Life Insurance or Key Employee Life Insurance) offered by Soules Insurance, is meant to assist your company as it recovers from the financial loss resulting from the death of a critical employee.

What is a Key Employee Life Insurance Policy?

Under a Key Employee Life Insurance policy, your business pays the premiums as the beneficiary of the life insurance policy covering that key employee’s life. Should the employee die, the benefits are paid to your business to use as needed. The benefit is based on the value you’ve placed on your employee’s impact to the bottom line, and it can be utilized in hiring and training a replacement or for paying other business expenses.

To avoid financial ruin due to the untimely death of one of your most important employees, you can depend on a key employee life insurance policy from Soules Insurance.

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