An employee profit sharing plan is a retirement option funded by employer contributions as a way of attracting and retaining the top talent. Pension plans in which the employer contributes on behalf of the employee, are also a way companies can demonstrate that they want to keep the best and brightest on board. Soules Insurance can assist you in setting up both of these plans. We specialize in pension management and administration so that your employees understand their retirement options and that your company understands its costs and responsibilities. 

Like a 401(k) retirement plan, pension and profit sharing plans contain several distinct advantages for both you and your employees:

Advantages of Profit Sharing & Pension Services for Employers:

  • Allows you to deduct your contributions from taxes as business expense
  • Allows you to provide a meaningful plan at an affordable cost
  • Allows you to focus contributions on merit pay
  • Helps recruit and keep quality employees

Advantages for Your Employees:

  • Defer taxes on the employer's contributions and the employee's earnings until the plan pays benefits
  • Build retirement security

Learn More About Employee Profit Sharing & Pension Plans

Pension and profit sharing solutions are a great way to attract the best employees and show them that you want them to stick around. The experts at Soules Insurance will help you determine the right approach to profit sharing and pension plans that fit your business.

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