To suffer a disability is a difficult event for anyone. The stress placed upon families can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, it is something many people do not adequately plan for, because they do not believe a disability will ever happen to them. Others believe they will be covered by worker’s compensation insurance, but your plan may not be adequate enough to sustain you financially.

Soules offers employers several Texas disability insurance plans that will help care for your employees and their families in such a difficult time. We will help you in determining what disability insurance policies are the most affordable and meet the needs of your employees.

The Basics of Business Disability Insurance

Typically a Texas disability insurance policy will cover an employee for up to 60% of their salary. It can also handle more additional coverage; however, no plan covers 100% of a salary. Policies last for a certain period of time often stopping at retirement.

Employee disability insurance is available in both short-term & long-term policies:

Short Term Disability Insurance is much like sick leave, covering illness, injury, or other medical conditions that are only temporary, such as maternity leave and other outlined non-pregnancy related issues.

Long Term Disability Insurance can last for years, in certain situations. Issues stemming from joint and muscle disorders, back problems, and diseases like cancer are among the leading causes of long term disability that insurance policies can cover for a specified amount of time (e.g. five years).

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