A company that is involved with sales of products or services, manufacturing goods, is involved with construction, has an office, retail sales, or provides any type of service to others is at risk for bodily injury or property damage losses. As a result, your business and your personal assets could be at risk of a lawsuit. Accidents, injuries, and lawsuits are an unavoidable possibility that can occur at any time.

Despite your business’s size, it is important to be aware that you expose yourself to a number of financial perils by choosing to ignore Commercial General Liability Insurance for your business. At Soules Insurance, our team of commercial insurance experts can ensure that you understand such risks and can assist you in identifying the right policy for you and your business.

Coverage Included with Commercial General Liability Insurance

With commercial general liability insurance, your business will be protected from the costs associated with bodily injury or property damage liability or ongoing operations. This is true whether the injury happens on your premises or at a job site. The coverage offered can also protect you from damage to your product or work once you have completed the job.

What’s more, this coverage also extends to costs related to advertising injury such as slander.  Soules Insurance analyzes the perceived risk at your business along with prior legal history and determines the amount of commercial general liability coverage that is right for you.  Should the risk of financial loss be high, we can offer the option of additional coverage through a commercial umbrella insurance policy.

Even if the perceived risk for your business is low, it would still be a valuable benefit to purchase a general liability insurance plan in order to protect your assets in case an accident takes place. Accidents can occur and hold hidden costs in everyday situations either at your business or as a result of your operations. For example: say the delivery man knocks over a drink, spilling it onto your computer keyboard or copies of a file; a carpenter drills a hole and hits a pipe in a wall, flooding the office; a customer comes in on a rainy day and slips and breaks a hip; these accidents can actually occur in any business therefore, you want to be protected.

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