Top 5 Ergonomic Trends Redefining the Workplace

    Posted by Soules Insurance on Fri, Sep 23, 2016


    Everyone wants to be Google.

    Or at least, everyone would like to work at Google. Google’s efforts to create the happiest place to work includes more than free gourmet meals, massages, “nap pods” and other lavish perks. Their efforts center around a different way of looking at the workplace with a focus on ergonomics.

    Ergonomics is human engineering, designing things or spaces so people can use them more comfortably, efficiently and safely. Fortunately, workplaces around the country are following Google’s lead. Organizations in every industry are realizing that people are their most important assets, and their workplace must be optimized for them.

    Here are the top five workplace trends organizations are using to increase productivity, improve the health of employees, and retain them for the long term.

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